horse story

Lynda Beam, my very dear next door neighbor, took her grandchildren horseback riding last week at her farm in Oliver, Georgia. Called "toohollie", the farm boasts acres of pine trees and in 1998, Lynda and her late husband, Kirby, had been named tree farmers of the year. In my mind, she has been every year, but that was the one for which she was recognized. In any case, on Sunday, during the ride, another horse, standing at 17.2, struck Lynda in the lower leg breaking it in three places and caused two severe punctures. Will Wheat, her grandson, twelve, bravely rode his horse to the house to find help and, fortunately, he found it. Gary Barnes, a friend from Statesboro (pronounced stayse.burrah) lifted Lynda from her mount and placed her in his truck. The family and friend (now driver) waited at the gates, then at the hard top, and then the intersection without meeting the ambulance and finally, they drove all the way to town, some forty plus miles. Doctors cleaned Lynda's leg and wounds, performed an operation on Tuesday, recleaned the wounds and sent her home on Friday. She and her mother Clara, who last year had her leg amputated now sit bad leg to bad leg in recliners at Home Port. We visited on Friday and David sat on the almost laps of both ladies. Granddaughter Kirby and I counted 291 years of life with David being counted as .5 though he is somewhat less than that.