horse manure & the dating arts

In the past month, I have received several calls, emails and have participated in a number of conversations* regarding relationships and the sometimes harrowing ride they provide. It's my experience that you are trading in your formerly trusty mare, or your trusty mare is about to quit you if:

1. one of you needs to "concentrate on career" 2. the word "smother" is mentioned 3. you are dreading crossing town to visit 4. working late - again - pesky projects! 5. relationship readiness: if someone says they don't have it, believe it 6. better as friends = so over you, mostly over the physical you 7. kiss of death: any sentence containing the word "space" or "break"

I'm sure I could come up with some more. The point is, if someone is saying any of this to you, you have two choices. You can suffer the saddle sores for a while longer or you can jump off. You may think that you are discovering the wild west, but there are rarely exceptions to this fact: it's been done, it is done, it's over!

But keep your spurs on! Your trail blazing days are not behind you! There is, most likely, someone else who wants to see you, talk with you, stay up late with you, meet and love your friends, and generally give you all the space, career or study time you need (without saying anything about it).


dcb & kds mixed media may 31, 2011

*with real men and women