"Old Man Louis" worked at the Cafe Metropole. A homeless man, who rented an apartment, he was more of a night wanderer/worker. One evening, we sat for dinner and my friend mentioned that her grandmother, born in Savannah, used the term "honiac." We don't really know how to spell this word and I can't find it in any slang type dictionary. We gathered that it meant difficult.

We asked Louis, who we considered a Southerner with experience enough to know. His family arrived in Savannah via bus (the station being the site of the Metropole) in the 1940's or 50's as sharecroppers from Alabama...or maybe Mississippi.

Louis rocked east and west. "Yes. I done heard of that. It's, oh yes, she's a hard lady. She's one tough honiak. It's hard times."

JAN07 dcb hard day.jpg

David, after a honiak of a day.