home: a call for entries

If you've started the winter's hibernation, or if you've not but have been thinking about the concept of "home" of late, consider answering this call for entries open to all creative disciplines.

Jamie Hurst of High Heeled Traveler is launching a new endeavor, a lifestyle magazine.  The first submission deadline is December 31st and centers on "home" (more below).

From Jamie:  "The magazine will also be called High Heeled Traveler and be published quarterly. Each issue will be centered around a theme, similar to those on the blog - art, style, food/wine, and travel - but will dig deeper into subjects of culture and humanity.

The first issue will discuss the concept of "home" and what that means to different people. Articles ranging from children's drawings of their homes, to comfort food recipes, music, style, fiction short stories, poems, and original art and writing. Right now there are about 20 articles in production, and plans are to publish the first issue in February 2013.

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, submissions are welcome by email to jamie@highheeledtraveler.com and can include poetry, artwork, photography, and original stories and research. Please submit writing as a Word document attachment and images as high-resolution (300dpi) jpegs. Also include your contact information.

If selected, you will not be compensated financially. However, you will be acknowledged for your very generous contribution.

The magazine will be for sale for $10 each.