holy mackerel

I'd say the other, but I sorta try to be "general audience." In any case, a big day for learning. First, a treatise on photography from Sewanee. Thanks so much. Drew a little (a lot). Waiting on reference from the Duke of D'Urham. Met a man named Tinker (skinny, Wrangler clad, mother of pearl buttoned shirt, dip in cheek) who runs a school for horses whose Dean or CEO is the Lord (see his cap). I wish I took a pic. Turns out George Bush operates a cistern/grey water system in his Crawford, TX ranch house (I want this for me). And there's a bunch of "intertalk" (I made up this word! or did I? I think I did.) as to whether the guy is eco nice or no. Dan Winkler, friend of family, got me to sign up for facebook. Didn't know about this and am not really a "joiner", but I did and am fairly happy about it. Then, I got to read the most fabulous post yet (on a really great...no surprise...blog)! Learned an alternate method for peeling shrimp...but it's not so differently, so I won't report or link.

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