holiday cards

This year I realized for the first time in twenty-something years that I spend a full week each year working on holiday cards.  That's crazy and for a minute I thought "too much, i quit." But then I got to thinking about the practice and what it gives me.  I'm reminded of my entire life's history, my attachments, memories and connections, phases and places I have been.  When I write your name, I see your face, your family, and recall the weather, sounds, conversations and the gift that you are to me.  If this is all you have heard from me since last December, know that with the card, I have packed in immeasurable gratitude, not a few smiles and some instances of leaky eyes (in a sweet, sentimental sense).

So there, now half a year in total, a whole life in a box with the flag up and the affirmation that sending cards really is a good idea...possibly more for me than for you, but I hope you like receiving one just the same.