hird island

David and I drove to Darien, Georgia blog dcb waiting on boat.jpg

then hopped on a boat with Lou, Lori and Albert

blog aht.jpg

to see the Thomann's Hird Island home. David enjoyed the boat ride and took the temperature (with his tongue) as usual.

blog dcb tongue.jpg

(kinda missed the tongue on that shot)

Relatively unspoiled (very wild looking...animal tracks, cypress and palmetto) and colors limited to pale "naturals"),

blog colors of herd.jpg

Hird counts three full time households and thirty homes. How this one fits into the census?

blog squatters2.jpg Not sure. We saw this squatterdom on our walk which would have been a golf cart ride but it didn't start.

blog dcb lat.jpg

We saw, for the first time, the out building, which will be named "Bucey House" and where we will stay sometime in the future. Looking forward to it....it's beautiful, wonderful views of Sapelo Island, Black Island and lots of walking adventures to be had.

Lori and I found a very large empty wasp nest with gorgeous colors. We hope to find some skulls on our next (hopefully pigs or deer, not the neighbors'....though some of the woods look creepy enough).