heather SZATMARY

arrival: 1994 acting as: postmodern maker of many things

savannah highlight: installing 9/11 memorial in Forsyth Park

career highlight: 14 years of teaching at SCAD

themes: conquering self

Educator (educated!) and multi-discipline artist Heather Szatmary creates assemblages, sculptures, paintings, drawings and laser-etchings. And there's more. This highly trained artist's work often starts with the written word and then darts in varying directions calling attention to interpersonal relationships, issues of self-esteem, mysteries of the mind and random, but well-mapped, obsessions.

She has exhibited in venues throughout the United States, including North Carolina State University, University of Wisconsin and the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art. Szatmary has also shown internationally in England, India, Canada and Australia.

Each piece possesses a backbone of humor, beauty, quirkiness, thoughtfulness and careful presentation. If you need dazzling and challenging, a Szatmary in any form is for you.


heather szatmary "(12 X 8 = 70)/4 " 6"x12" laser-etch on Baltic birch