David attended two Halloween outings this year; one in Vernonburg and one in Ardsley Park. In Vernonburg on Sunday, ten children and numerous adults (walking behind) battled gnats while being hauled by trailer filled with hay to a number of homes. The children obviously got candy crazy and the adults commented on varying lawn treatments and driveway fills as we toured. The hostesses made an excellent chili and baked up some Susan Mason inspired cornbread.

At the Ardsley party, 20+ children (so 40 adults, a few grandparents also attended) ran all over the 50s and 40s (streets) and then circled back to have dinner at Paris and Michael Carnahan's. (Carnahan will exhibit at the Telfair Art Fair this weekend with many others http://www.telfair.org/about/about_events_af.asp.) Marcus Kenney made a fab red beans and rice and everyone else made sides or brought drinks. Big fun on the trampoline and the Carnahan dog ate at least ten plates. David took his first spill and turned up with a bloodied nose and skinned upper lip and chin. Kinda scary but he rallied well.

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