H20 related

At the car wash, a man carrying a little girl approached me and asked, "You got a sleepin' bag in there for my little girl or somethin? I lost my gas cap." How do I answer this? It's nearly 80 degrees outside and how does sleeping and the loss of a cap work together? Also, sleeping bag or another thing or sleeping bag for the girl or for someone other than his daughter altogether?

My answer. "I got nothin'." Best at which I could arrive.

In other news, debates over La Croix or syfo (sales are up!) sparkling water. We all love La Croix; syfo costs less, but it

1. tends to blow up 2. goes down the wrong pipe often 3. children attack you with the bottle (hearsay) 4. and we're not convinced it's not a weapon

Shots heard last night at the bunny slayer's house. Then the slayer asking the darkness, "What are you doing?" (There's no link (web or otherwise) to water here, but you might appreciate my munitions transition because I don't have one coming up.)

This paint hen contains an ocean or a lake.

Done or weird?

blog beijing with a blackberry.jpg

"from beijing with a blackberry" mixed media 10" x 10" 2007

And how is it that in posing a "girl question" one never gets any answers?