greatest discovery no. 8, 9 and 10

On biscuits: Something to do with buttermilk (& salt), getting somewhere (soon).

On paint hen: It slays me when artists (painters) say any of the following:

1) "Yeah, dude (or man), I'm making some really beautiful work right now."
2) "Well, I'm a painter." (Points to what I call "dirty" jeans or hands)
3) "I just work until I know it's really good. Know what I mean?" (No, I guess I don't. I only work 'til it's slightly past atrocious?@#$%%!!@)
4) "My work is pretty much revolutionary."

My point? Today I had a magical (like Disney) day of painting. The process and progress impresses me more than the result. Still and yet, I could totally hear all the wisdom of advisers, professors, friends, and family. That's a lot to listen to all day long. And I did not over-paint and then have to wait four days to "fikkit". In other words, I felt as if I were applying some of the information I've received and tried, though not always successfully, to practice over the years.

In any case, I'm ascairt now. What if tomorrow I start wearing jeans with paint smears?

On frosting (or icing): Making (or buying) this dessert accessory has someway become a mark of good vs. bad parenting. While I was unable to get it together for my son's cupcakes, I did manage to make both cupcakes and frosting from skritch for my husband. I know that's not exactly "parenting", but it's "somewhere from nowhere" (as my uncle says when it's unclear about the import of the subject).

blog katherine sandoz backside raccoon bluff.jpg

"backside of raccoon bluff"
24" x 24"
oil on canvas