gray hairs

I woke to find my hair turned gray (again!). When I went to the Kroger, I saw a "pat" smoking a 100 and eating a burger while driving. Its hair looked a yellow gray and s/he had pulled it back in a very tight ponytail except no hair existed north of its equator (if the head were a globe). So I describe it, in other words, as a friar tuck gray pony tail. Then, David and I were stopped by a four foot crone (and her son who had frosted his hair yellow, gray and brown in metered chunks). The old lady's braids measured at least eighty percent of her height. I am not exaggerating. Her nose hooked, she grew long nails (with dirt underneath). She definitely had a wart (complete with hairs), not on her nose, but on her forehead. From my standpoint, I could see it very clearly. Her mustache, eyebrow and chin hair rivaled any fairy tale type and I thought, oh no, why us?

Here's what she said as she grabbed, then stroked David's arm.

"Little boy, make your momma happy and healthy and teach your daddy how to play some real ball."

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the witch in younger days...