gravelier? woodier?

One of my "rules", when I taught, suggested that one should not introduce their work at the start of critique with the end time of the work session. Just wrong and who really cares how little or much sleep you get? You should have been painting earlier, as in days earlier. But college students mostly don't have husbands or babies. Still and yet, does one get too old for the all nighter? Speaking of old, a 25 year old guy, last night at the Sligh Environmental holiday shindig, said to me, "I need an old lady like you." Hmmph! I said, "You might want to say 'older' if you still hope to cull one 'like me'." (Sheise (sp?) with the quotation marks.)

Back to the college thing. One of my clients and I have been discussing the college dream (didn't go to class, didn't wear clothes to class, late, didn't register or pay attention to student for whole quarter, etc.) and why we still have it fifteen plus years later.

I got to thinking and dreaming last night about Mount Holyoke which made me remember today, er yesterday, and tonight (whatever) (and the next/this morning) that I'm still paying (literally) for Mount Holyoke though I loved attending that little school and am not paying figuratively though I suppose that's debatable.

Well, of course, I'm working and thinking (and checking my email for relief). And lo, in comes email from my almah matah.

What would be better than paying Sallie Mae for an education you received fifteen plus years ago aside from going back to school for another degree? ("And for what?" asks my client. Note to self: must look up quotation usage ONE MORE TIME or go back to school for a degree in English or editing.) Having Mount Holyoke pay me to do something.

I think I might apply for the stipend/fellowing they offer for MHC grads. You can do anything...and I wonder if they would like my blog?

How 'bout this for gravel? Little trick I learned from Violet Lemay when we were in school together back when she used a different name.

blog gravel.jpg

BLOG sherid woody final.jpg