george saunders

A couple of things about writers: 1.  It must be great to be George Saunders.  He has not had to die to enjoy knowing that he is very special and that his writing has made a significant impression on many and most likely will continue to do so for, like, ever.

2.  We know heavy metal band members really dig their hair.  Do you think male authors also invest heavily in their hair?  I've noticed quite a few and if they begin to bald, they grow epic mustaches and beards.  See if you don't notice a correlation.

3.  Would you rather a writer or a musician for the rest of your entire life on an island?  They're each so fabulous and kind of annoying at the same time, right?  Discuss the rewards/grey disenchantment of getting an island mate that is both writer and musician.

4.  Photographers make portraits of themselves holding their cameras.  Writers seem to place themselves on a solitary road or on a hill with a lonely tree.  Can someone please explain this to me?