gen pop

I took my first trip in my life - ever - to a Sam's Club today. Stunning. And a little yucky in the "could there be any more stuff" way. But the big pay off? A full wheel of brie for the price I pay for one-sixth of a wheel at the evil grocery. Don't get me started on the per bottle price for Pellegrino but it was attractively low.

One friend said, "All that effort. And you saved 30 cents."

I know that I "saved" dollars not cents, but in fact, I suppose I lost unknown quantities of innocence that I carried only yesterday.

(I did learn that Sam Walton started out in a Ben Franklin and I felt nostalgic (for all the crud my mother wouldn't buy me, thanks be) as I remember those stores from the 1970's.)

Yes, the 70s.

katherine sandoz sam walton.jpg

jellyfish (kunkx), sam walton & his first store in bentonville, arkansas