frederick fox williams, jr.

March 27, 1927 - February 21, 2008 Life-long student, Navy man, Harvard grad, husband, father, reader, tutor, eco-caretaker, river watcher, dear neighbor and great friend to many, twin, "architect", designer, landlord and probably a lot of other things of which I hadn't yet learned.

Interview excerpts:

What's written on your calling card? Free advice.

Well, let's have some.

What are you reading these days, Nick? My daughter's book. In Leslie's writing, I can see myself and our family.

What's the secret to a great marriage? Marry someone smarter than you, like I did.

How does one raise children? Well, that was really Suzie. That's why they're so wonderful and successful. Julie, she's so smart, she got a job just by writing an article and she's been successful all along.

What are your secret weapons? Suzie is a real role model for me. Paige Hungerpiller was always great in the courthouse. I bought property at the right time. I didn't let my children watch too much television. I try to never harbor bad feelings; something that could be everlasting. I write down things so I can remember them. You should leave a meaningful celebration of yourself, which I think I have done in my children.

Your refrain? Life has been pretty pleasant. (October 15th, 2007)

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