foj: possible identity

(from a reader) Frances Olivieros Jernigan

She is a Southern matriarch (by which I mean a woman who appears entirely female, but works as deftly and effectively as a healthy corporation or army without ever being called brassy or harsh or domineering) (certainly never bitch) (and sees to all the needs of her husband and family) (and extended family and helpers) who keeps her counsel on most matters, participates in, but usually runs, the local charities - without seeming to - has three grown children who have absorbed these values, and all this despite never having been given the rule book. She seems a legend. She thinks she is just doing what has to be done, but her deeply entrenched standards make everything she does graceful, and all she touches is comforting for others.

Not sure about the Olivieros. I thought it was Olivia. But I think is probably actually Oglethorpe. And the F is probably Fletcher or Flexner.

Oglethorpe Flavia Jernigan. Fluvanna Orestes. The Jernigan stays, even if it's Jowdry.

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