fashionable (again) no. 1

Just received some vintage magazines from my dear neighbor. One favorite contains lots of illos, and pointers on men, manners and undergarments especially. Called CHARM: the magazine for the BG. BG stands for * business girl. I never would have guessed. Depends on what business (is) is? Lots of suiting, going-out wear, mostly marketed through the "what men desire" avenue, a lot of which you'd be more than pleased to don today. Note: in September 1946, grey was the color of the season. Is that the case this year also? Or was that last autumn? No matter, grey has its day.

What I really want to feature; shoes, of course. I'm amazed at how hip the late 40's (and the majority American made!). Get a "line" on these:

illustration katherine sandoz rudy bass.jpg

illustrator: rudy bass