failed southern lady

Not that Savannah's streets and the folks on 'em are the only that impress.  I've seen some crazy in the years I've walked the lanes, streets and roads of this haven for personal style mavens.  Or maybe there's a strange combo of personal style and just wrong. Doesn't matter.   Today's may not trump the lady in an oversize tee-shirt pulled up as topless dress who sings cabaret and disrobes on Liberty Street (nice), but it's pretty good. Dude, walking, wife beater, brushing some very long hair, bearded and hanging from lip a lit blunt, smoke in the locks and no shoes, just socks.

Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady by Florence King is a book that I recommend perennially.   If you don't know what a good ole boy is and how they vary, you will by the end of this read.  Added benefit of the laughing through it.