deFINE art festival

I attended three art festivals Saturday (Isle of Hope, Telfair and a SCAD sponsored "new" festival). I enjoyed them all, but am especially thrilled by the SCAD event. The festival celebrates student, faculty, regional and national arts, but the title also implies its organizers have an opinion, and a voice about and for defining. Clever and I expect true. Further, the atmosphere produced by the coordinators of the event surpasses many such fetes that are larger and older; open, warm, generous, electric with its large pods of visitors, and safe as we moved about the city.

Commendations to all those who work with, at and for SCAD. In their collaboration, they have cleared a broad portal to show and to discuss contemporary creative enterprise.

Aside from viewing David Ellis' work, exploring the halls of galleries (loved seeing so many portraits!!!), seeing Nick Cave, the drummers! and the student dancers was fabulous. I did hear naysayers carp about electrical issues and then shortsightedly disparage the festival. Surely, one truly invested in art happening realizes the import of Cave's working with SCAD students and with providing the community with this collaborative and singular experience.

Not so fabulous, but you can't argue that hundreds awaited breathlessly for the performance. In fact, were they not a part of that art event? Video cameras ran none-the-less and you know footage will be on youtube by first light. And all were able to do so free of charge; given gourmet snacks and warm cider!

I am not the only one excited for next year's offerings; watch this festival grow.

katherine sandoz dancers nick cave.jpg