deer mount: cost analysis

Before I get to analyzing the expenses, one thing: I googled "deer painting" and aside from the Frida Kahlo...go look for yourself. And now, some financial reasons why you might prefer to buy my work.

Actual deer mounted on wall.

Ammunition: $40 Boots: $125 Butcher: $50 Gun with scope: $900 Grunt call: $15 Lease (typical): $20/acre on 1000 acres, 10 members = $2000 Knife: $50 Outfit: $150 License: $60 Taxidermist: $450 Tank gas: $50 ThermoCELL: $30 Tree Stand: $200 Celebratory Six Pack: $5.99

Very grand total:


My painting of a deer mounted on your wall. You have space for it! It lasts as long as your mount and does not get quite as dusty.


I'll pay for most shipping (even to Tristan da Cunha) framed and housed in a gift box. Priceless!!!

katherine sandoz deer painting.jpg

(deer painting) acrylic on panel 4 5/8" square