dcb & thanksgiving

We shared Thanksgiving with the Bucey Wunderle Lograsso clan in Charlotte, North Carolina (So much food. Sam and Denise are both excellent cooks...well, the whole family cooks. I ate my first Turducken. Look it up. It's pretty great and I had never heard of such a thing.)

Denise and Sam live in a neighborhood not unlike the one seen in Poltergeist. I mean to say that the homes are very similar looking and go on and on. Charlotte continues to grow and develop at amazing rates. The mcmansions are pervasive but saving grace; the walls that "protect" these communities are very nicely constructed and of apparently excellent materials. The stoneworkers and gardeners THRIVE in Charlotte.

David worked on sitting.

kds blog dcb sitting.jpg

He enjoyed his first bath at the Hampton Inn in Matthews. (We do wash our child, so not first washing, but first bath. The washcloth is NOT for modesty, as we are not at this stage.)

kds blog dcb bath.jpg

And he learned to get up on his hands and knees. After doing so, he rocks back and forth, building up momentum? and then chin plants.

kds blog dcb hands knees.jpg