daniel no. 1 and no. 2

When I proposed this project, I knew that I would have a person placed in an airplane. Turns out, Daniel Sanchez, an architecture student from Santiago de Cali, Colombia is that person (being that his childhood aspiration was to become a pilot). I think the plane appropriate regardless as Daniel travels extensively throughout the world, marking Cape Town, Africa his favorite. I constructed the plane using bricks as that is the chosen material of Rogelio Salmona, a notable Colombian architect. (That the plane may not fly; an engineer's problem, no?) Daniel "stuck with" Salmona after given the choice between architects Barrera (read his sad and seems-to-me unlikely story), Buscaglione, Salmona and Vélez.

The subject flies over los Farallones, the mountains that rise outside of Cali.

He wears a torero's jacket. Please note that only non-Spanish speaking persons say "matador"...so I've heard. The torero jacket serves as a nod to Enrique Grau, a painter and member of three famed Colombian artists that includes Grau, Botero and Obregón. The torero jacket also should suggest Daniel's connection to the traditional (or is it stereotypical?) South American male persona. I see hundreds of beautiful woman surrounding Daniel on his Facebook account and many profess their undying love on his "wall".

Roses (placed low on the page) suggest the mega-import from the country and link the people (jacket with roses) and their art to the land.

Note: I should check the perspective on my plane's bricks and on its construction. I had used for a model a cardboard airplane costume I saw online. Or I should have Daniel redraw it properly (stealing more lines from a Salmona building) and email is back to me? Always good to farm out the tough stuff to professionals....

blog katherine sandoz sanchez no 1.jpg

daniel no. 1 like this?

blog katherine sandoz sanchez no 2.jpg

daniel no. 2 or more cropped like this?