craft: the "goodship" grayson

In high school, everyone took typing.  Mrs. Maceon Bonner Grayson drove a Mercedes and wore camel colored suits, had a wicked sarcastic sense of humor, and was super serious about her job.

"Stop talking and concentrate on learning about something that can help you in life!"

She could hear by the sounds of each letter if you'd miskeyed one.  So she said and we believed.  I learned to be a fast and accurate touch typer.

In college, I was neither fast, nor accurate, but I did study under Professor John T. Grayson, eeking my way into his Spirituals & the Blues class.  I think we wrote an essay/plea to be allowed to register.  Grayson wasn't half as funny as his sister-in-law and I don't think he appreciated in 1989 how important typing would become.

He did make an excellent mix tape for us and helped us to concentrate on considering language.  I had the anthology of music loaded in my car cassette deck for almost two straight years.  I was working on becoming a gospel singer in my next life.  My mother stayed unimpressed. As she actually is a singer, and a four decade church lady then (now six decades), she had known all the words to every single folk, blues, jubilee, jure, gospel, you-name-it, since she turned five.

I think that was the year the Reverend Doctor started teaching at Mount Holyoke.  Joke. He started in 1977 after teaching at Haverford, Marlboro, Smith, and Hampshire Colleges. It's an exclusive set - to be twice Grayson-instructed - and it seems I am one of a thousand who sat and knit in the above mentioned course.  Maybe I am the only who has studied with two in this family.

So, to the Grayson educators, you are each one in a million. May you enjoy warm winds and easy chord progressions until the river time.

notes on Grayson illo:  Mount Holyoke crest contains palms, palms: victory, triumph, peace and eternal life, hibiscus: beauty, the feminine, one with God, Hawaiian shirt: retirement, big hair: freedom, ukelele: innocent merriment, kraft paper: all the crafts!