cool guys

There've been a LOT - big brother types - the kind with long, strong, curly hair that throw Frisbees, swim under canoes in the deepest depth of lakes with you, jump from bridges into the coldest waters, smart military ones that ride horses in the woods, drive jeeps with octogenarians, take you to the Reds game, will dance with you even though you are 7, listen to Cat Stevens. They've all become even super cooler as adults making boats, traveling the world, listening to Cat Stevens, becoming doctors, dads, and community-minded members. They've re-found and redefined family and what that means.

Today is marked by the new year's newness and that I spent the day praying that one of the cool guys can make it through a procedure that might help his medical condition become less serious. How do I have to worry and pray over someone who is 26 in my mind?

As if I am not already grateful for the greats we've already received; but maybe there's more tomorrow.


(when you were 13)
dcb & kds
mixed media on canvas
11" x 8.5