construction site

Now that the weather has changed, the windows are open and I can listen closely to the carpenters and tradesmen who temporarily work next door. They're kinda differently then the ones to which I last paid attention, but not really. They arrive on time, without coffee (???), and appear to work together. I know what time it is, generally, because the noise - which includes nail guns, saws and voices yelling "maayn, i sed....." - stops at 10:15 and 3:15 on the nose.

One thing is real strange; at the end of the day, the men take off their boots prior to getting in cars, small cars, not trucks at all, and put on Crocs and Adidas sandals and, well, comfortable shoes.

They still listen to the station that often plays "Eye of the Tiger".

Thank goodness; you wouldn't want things changing too much.

katherine sandoz construction.jpg