A study for a piece grâce à Dieu le(s) Dan(s): I designed this based on the fact that there is a history, especially in literature, of the use of "l'histoire dans l'histoire". This could be illustrated by the concept of the Russian nesting dolls. I should also mention that there is a tradition (globally & historically) of artists, writers and laymen working to create "something" (and soon).

I only know about all of this grâce à my education from the département français at MHC (the oldest all women's college in the U.S.A). And in conclusion, à cause de my good sense. Bien sur.

Not unlike the Russian nesting dolls, the man's home, as shown, or it will be, reflects his actual (fictional) collection of snow globes.

C’est-à-dire, his environment is a snow globe wherein snow globes reside wherein....

Oh, and that's a leaf blower posing as a SNOW BLOWER somewhere near the centre.

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