chapter 5

The last scene of today's "bunny slayer" episode featured the slayer loitering at my gate, with the dog "whose life Dan saved" wearing an "angel" outfit fit with wings. The slayer then offered to purchase Kirby, my dog, a coat or a jacket?

While I haven't yet posted chapters 1 through 4, in chapter 1, the slayer suggested that she and I do a startup producing designer lifejackets for bunnies.

While the unwritten episodes contain hilarious moments, the overall total summary (for an overview) does not have a single funny one. And for this reason, I feel slightly badly about airing any part of the "series".

However, and to continue, as consolation, I received the largest bouquet yet; two dozen roses and tons of lillies, baby's breath and some other stuff I can't name. Way back, we started out with a three daisy and three carnation bouquet. Needless to say, the vase situation improves as do the accompanying written apologies.

Also today, a five teether (I have forsensics) obviously got after David at the "snot factory".

blog 2 marsh ladies.jpg

set up for a new paint hen, maybe