cedric smith

acting as: photographer, mixed media artist, painter, blogger themes: people, the south, community history, fashion, style

My new favorite Savannah (consummate) artist! I've been a fan of his paintings for quite a few years based on their color, vibrancy and presentation. They control a room taking top spot in the hierarchy of viewing. Quite a feat!.

Recently introduced to his photography, I truly appreciate him as an image maker. There are only a few who simply make great pictures regardless of media and he is one: Midas touch.

As a side note, Mr. Smith ties up his singular image making with considerable personal style. Don't miss his blog; he's celebrating Savannahians, their talents and good looks daily.

There are too many great pieces for me to show; check out the portraits section of his site for some truly spectacular subjects and shooting. For this post, however, I am choosing this portrait Cedric shot of me in Vernonburg recently; it has the prerequisite red berries that I like to feature at this time of year.