careers in film

I had planned to post a self-made movie today, but I won't on account of I forgot how to properly make one I guess. All that wasted time waiting for YouTube to load and reload. Jeesh. At least it's only October 1st (it's an October "cinema event"). So I had started another movie project today, by chance, so I'll post one of the clips stills (that's movie talk) for that instead.

sandoz illo made easy no. 6.jpg

from the movie "just eight (or ten) steps: illo made easy" (from an illustration I may post one day soon)

creator: katherine sandoz lead artist: katherine sandoz producer: katherine sandoz model: susan hansen editor: katherine sandoz critic: katherine sandoz caterer: katherine sandoz props & makeup: katherine sandoz

(with special thanks to the historic town of Vernonburg)