boxing day

Today I folded a lot of laundry. It's almost impossible to hire and keep a competent (read consistent) laundress.

tracked mud into the house...why?

listened to the following question (and answered request promptly) about 300 times.

"Momma, can you cock this gun?"

shopped (the first time ever on the day after Christmas).

Folks drove insanely and once inside the stores, many are not connected to their goodwill "toward men". I did buy some honeycrisp apples which I recommend highly. They're delicious. I also found an excellent bath mat (soft, absorbent and the correct shape & color). Always a quest as some know well. And some Christmas lights for my new year's eve party (1/2 off).

attended a tea/afternoon party that a friend called the "boxer" party. I refrained from eating everything in sight as I had a dinner date but knew everything tasted great (flourless torte: must get recipe...assuming).

The host graciously sent me home with scones ready to be popped in the oven. I need only "brush with heavy cream" prior to baking. Good scone also hard to find and I've enjoyed these in past years.

Arrived home to husband and son "hiding"; not so difficult to find.

katherine sandoz boxing day.jpg