Did you know that Blackbeard, the pirate not the island, stood at six feet four inches, had long black hair, braided his beard and tied the plaits with red ribbons? Did you know that he wove oiled rope into those ribbons and lit them prior to boarding a vessel he intended to loot? Did you know his bodiless spirit traverses the Savannah tidewater in search of his lost treasure? All true, I've just learned while researching pirates and Blackbeard for the upcoming Isle of Hope Haunted Trail that boasts actors, set designers, painters, producer types, makeup artists, musicians and craftspersons galore. Don't miss it.

katherine sandoz backside bb small.jpg

"backside blackbeard island - small" 8" x 10" oil on panel/riser 2007 - 2010 recent donation to the Leukemia Cup Regatta bid on it there