at five months

At five months, David does the following. eats, or at least tastes, everything rolls in every direction "sings" (Toni Braxton is a favorite as is anything sung in French or Portugese.) spits up sits up (but not for long) wrastles any item in his handsBLOG david wrastles.jpg eats fruit and sits in a big boy chair attached to the table "scratch" tests new items to include people (three swift skritches) signs "milk" and "more", but mostly "milk", working on "fan" pets Kirby kisses and hugs gets his hiney in the air, on knees, and scootches forward, inchworm style chews on fingers, toes not as exciting as in weeks past plays "peekaboo" loves his bungee jumper no longer fits in his infant carrier kicks his chunky legs and makes noise on the floor with his heels fake coughs