animal magnetism & mesmerization

It's hard to know if the man is doing the charming or the snakes are the mesmerizers. katherine-sandoz-snake-charmer.jpg

kds & dcb mixed media on index september 18, 2011

(One thing can be sure, the term "mesmerize", after the German physician Mesmer, is a complex number in terms of etymology. The special force or "magnétisme animal" Mesmer initially outlined was not, in fact, needed in order to hypnotize and to cure. What was more important was the subject's being prone to suggestion. In the end, the Scottish surgeon James Braid made Mesmer mesmerizing. Might I suggest reading up? You'll get a good idea of why someone is mesmerizing, as in enthralling, and why you generally say hypnotize and not mesmerize when you place a body in a trance...if you do that sort of thing.)