an ugly moment

My father's image and story recently ran in an national magazine, SKI, I think. Additionally, a website boasting all things SKI, not ski, posted an "abstract" because Edouard had been voted one of ten top ski instructors in the country. Quite a coup. Apparently, the author found himself enamored of the one eyed wonder and couldn't keep his eyes off of Edouard's eye (or patch). The result: all wrong. The author spent three days with my father and still didn't communicate the facts correctly. (Last year a newspaper published an article about Edouard's teaching ability...the title, something close to "Ed Sandoz: he has an eye for talent" And they ran a pic. Ugh!) Back to the SKI story: According to Edouard, Edouard never shared any facts. In the big article, the author even quoted Edouard as saying, "Make love, not war." Anyone who knows Ed knows he would nevah nevah say that as he, "has never been a hippy" and for other reasons, too, mmm, like he likes guns and believes in the economic engine that war can be and he understands the role of territory and war in history, blah, blah, blah, even though he does not like war, I suppose, and additionally, has four biological children.

I called Edouard to tell him how terrible the abstract sounded. He knew it and told me that the author really wanted to take the ONE eye angle from the gitgo. Edouard actually said, "I don't like to be defined by my accident, " as in, despite having one eye, I can still teach folks to balance themselves on thin pieces of slippery (waxed) wood while heading down hill on ice (or snow if you live in the west). Edouard really never did "mention Vietnam" and the ugly moment, ugly corny, anyway. My sister Annie should chime in here as she studies and writes (a lot) journalism/journals (and journeyers for what its worth).

But the photographer (Cal Crary) (change the last "r" to a "z" just for fun) did a great job.

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