an open letter to the gap

Dear GAP, I fell into you in probably 1979 in Billerica, Massachusetts - or maybe it was Burlington Mall.  I bought a pair of jeans.  And from then, I've been a loyal and extremely consistent customer in cities all over the country - and even when I'm not in the country!  I've dressed myself, my siblings, boyfriends, my husband, my children, other people's husbands - seriously.  I've decked out nieces, nephews and not a few friends' babies.  Don't get me started with Banana Republic.  I was once a young professional.  I'd hate to know the line item amount I've spent on all your brands;  I might have sent someone to college.

I've never complained.  I've rarely returned items.  I don't take advantage of that deal where you are refunded the sale amount in some period of time (2 weeks?). See?  I don't even know!  I've worn your sleepwear, your underwear and your outerwear.  I have a parka I've worn for 15 years!  It's warm and great.)

Have I once asked for anything in 33 years?  Can I say 35 years?  And, I'm exactly as old as you are!

So, can you please, please, please remake this pair of pants?  Here are the numbers and a picture.  They're roomy, lightweight (Help!  I live in Savannah!), look like pants not workout gear and the old-fashioned army green is perfect though I have a brown pair as well.

If you could just let me know when they'll be ready?

Thank you so very much.

Katherine Sandoz