It's the word of the day. You, too, can receive it opposed to your ability to receive email from me. After hours of "service" to switch from DSL to cable, I can't send. So forget amative, which mostly pertains to sexual love....this is no love at all. Even so, I have been working on a piece which did require amativity (if that's a word). I chose to today because of the "word of the day" and the February 14th thing.

It also required "streaming afternoon sun" that was "sent by God himself." Looks to me like the big guy sent some moonlight. I can probably fix this, but only after I waste more of my time trying to get help from Comcast.

And while I'm on hold maybe I should consider the likeliness that most amatives (not a word, right?) cast off more than socks and shoes.

katherine sandoz amative.jpg