eve of christmas eve

Yesterday, while making a bed, I turned around to see this. A (frightening) first. blog dcb first stand.jpg

Today, I delivered the last of my holiday commissions. Whilst (that's chiefly British, y'all) driving about town to do that, I noticed myriad new things to include a palm lined street named Norwood. Not that I hadn't been on that street before. Just that I noticed the palms this time. Good idea whoever made that road. They should do that for all the roads. Very Babarian.

On my route I drove past the headquarters of two clubs of which I will probably never be a member: Daughters of the Nile and Temple of Eagles. Then I saw a man with a protruding stomach. But wait, there's more. He had a strange bump on the side of his stomach as if something large were growing there, or maybe something attached itself to the spot. I saw an American Indian (not correct usage, I know) with curly long graying hair in a ponytail (please remember that I sent my pennies to Native Americans as a child) and he wore a very ornate leather and beaded and stone? necklace/medallion/purse? I mean, it was big. Lastly I saw a preteenage girl with very long jet black hair and a huge very bright orange comb stuck in her hair. Was it really stuck or is that fashionable? And this all happened at the Starbucks (Kmart location). Very Dernian.

Another strange thing happened. Have you ever dickered? Right. But you dicker down, typically. My client dickered up. Not so frightening first. And I appreciate it.

When I returned home, my husband had taken our son to a friend's house (the friend said she and David "had a lot to do, so don't come back too soon" and we didn't) and we worked on the yard which horribly needed our attention.

Whilst raking (which features greatly as a childhood activity, more on that later), I invented something that has no purpose but to entertain my OCO (obsessive compulsive order). Or maybe it's for emailing service providers (leaf rakers, tree trimmers, gardeners, husbands?) information about upcoming jobs?

blog invent laser field.jpg

A plat of your home (or area) gets scanned into your computer. Where you see the red dots on my drawing...those are laser heads placed at the perimeter of your area, in this case (but the laser heads could be on your house, your cars). Those red dots communicate with your computer and assign zone numbers or shapes based on your instructions. Right now you see a grid with numbers, but it could be circles or arrows (as in "walk here" or "in this area only"). When you turn on the "assignment" from the computer, that tells the laser heads to "draw" the "assignment" onto your area. Your yard (or house, or whatever) lights up. See? You could tell your husband where the ant hills need to be dusted. You could email your tree trimmer (not that I have one) "please trim tree in Zone 18". Or you could tell your teenager that if they rake zones 15 through 30 or above you will be happy to lend him your car until "x" time. I bet you could design some sort of "pen" that you can talk to for the purpose of walking your property and making "assignments" remotely. As in, "take poison ivy off this tree" (zone is applied automatically), "fill hole here". Then you point and zap! your computer knows to laser light and "assign" the chore. You could also have electricity running through the laser lights for the purpose of having virtual fences for your animals. Brilliant or stupid? Does this already exist?