almost as good as mah jongg

I'm liking an application called Art on Facebook (I know, so common). Users can upload 2D representations of any type of visual work, then view, vote (thumbs up or down) or approve (it is art?). You can also share and add favorites to your profile. My favorite, not work of art, but part is the approval process. I believe all the work is generally-speaking A-R-T, but it really chaps my backside when artist names are misspelled or missing, dates are not included (or contain x's or ?'s) and titles are omitted. Suddenly, it's your fault for not doing your research. What I say? NOT ART.

It's a simple application, fill out the information about the work. (Still the "Art" guys should invent a function for approvers to tag a piece of work with these types of errors...or at least suggest that Degas' name is Edgar, not Egard.)

Eitherwise, what is the point of tens of thousands of Facebook users mislearning their histohrical and contempahrary aht?

katherine sandoz alex katz.jpg

Alex Katz, American (b. 1927) The Green Cap, 1985 Woodcut, 17 11/16 x 24" Gift of the artist to Colby College Museum of Art