a-town get down 2014: kehoe remix

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with an amazing team to create a large scale, upcycled, collaborative fibers wall that hung on the fences during the A-Town Get Down at the Morris Center.  The festival celebrates art, music, the creative spirit and the life of Alex Townsend, also known as A-Town.  The Alex Townsend Memorial Foundation supports art and music engagement through education, participation and scholarship opportunities. Titled "Kehoe Remix", the finished wall aligned with and acted as an abstract representation of the Kehoe Ironworks Buliding, the landscape at Fort Wayne and the surrounding vegetation and buildings bringing the landscape directly onto the Morris Center lawn.

It was an honor to be asked to work at this festival and to create side by side with some of the brightest, "funnest", most talented Savannah artists and SCAD fibers students.  We were accompanied by some amazing weather (the Almanac said it would snow!), music and musicians and by a fierce love for making!


Anita Akella**

Jamie Bourgeois

Emily Chao

Cecily Charles

Alyssa Drennen*

Marcella Frankil

Jesse Jordan

Bartira Lobo

Vincent Mccraw

Hale Rardin*

Benazir Torres*

Autumn Van Gunten**


size: 3' x 60'

2,688 square feet of upcycled vinyl donated by SpeediSign 

4' x 100' construction mesh donated by J.T. Turner

6 t-shirts donated by A-Town Get Down

1 ArtPort Shuffle used canvas 9' x 12'

1 random piece of canvas 2' x 3'

1 1970's bed sheet

9:30 - 5:00 (lunch .5 hours) = 7 hours

10 full-time workers = 70+ hours or 2 wks work 1 person

1 color sorting wonder (Oliver, age 7) 1.5 hours

12 pairs scissors

5 pairs needle nose pliers

10 staplers

a lot of staples, zip ties

best art director festival = Jose Ray

#1 reason on-site = SeeSAW

* former or current studio assistant

** frequent collaborator

More documentation to follow.