@ 11+ months

dcb: had first lollipop, yesterday, and second barber haircut

says hat, broom, ish (fish, the crackers) says bobo (for Boris, the dog), baba for bottle, up, ear tells dogs "ow ty"

pats your back while he hugs

claps when songs end

dances like a fool (when he got his hair cut, "notorious" came on the radio and he started bopping in the chair

tries to wear my shoes

still no "mama", a possible "bomma"

rides in his red wagon everyday, pulls it

learning "itsy bitsy", can "up the water spout" and "dried up all the rain"

gives trash or flotsam to anyone who will take it

double milk sign for "I want"

first goose egg, couple of weeks ago

puts the cap on your water bottle for you

second top tooth arrived

first "sick" visit to doctor

total "daddy's boy"

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