@ 10 months

dcb:is "fast walking" "barks" when he hears the dogs has two bottom teeth, and one "chip" on his left upper says "uh oh" about everything eats table food and "o's" on his stuff day 1 of no breast milk (just a coincidence) (but largely due to biting with "pegs") first "romantic" kiss with a one year old named Abby had first full cold this week (Abby or the "snot factory"?) raises his own finger when I say "no" takes showers with "dada" in the mornings still naps twice a day (but not in the crib necessarily) received first bloody nose this week (fell) BFF with Kirby & Will throws and catches the "green ball" (from Zim)

blog dcb with hebermehl.jpg

with the artist, Matt Hebermehl "get ill with Matt's art skILL" (Dad's name's OWEN!)