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An apt totem for the beginning of 2016, the noble king of the marshes signifies new experiences, filtering and discarding what is not beneficial, discernment, rebirth, creativity and vision.  Additionally, this steadfast migrator draws power from the water and is considered to be a heart healer. His color arrives from the pigmenting of the food (carotenoids, especially) the bird eats.

katherine sandoz, mixed media, january 2016

katherine sandoz, mixed media, january 2016

saaabmb15 | peter makebish

The paintings of Paul Kremer and Les Rogers dare you, "C'mere! Come here!" They say, "Hey, girl! Wanna listen to some music, hear some poetry, let the sun beat down on your head, shake your hair, your haunches? Care to think about heartbeats, the power of color and shape-making, mind and space shifting in a secret, through-all-the-ages-and-time-but-it's-ON-now language?"

Not so fast, sister. The award for excellence in transforming live, genuinely engaged human beings (who can be plied with greetings, information and the promise of owning the most-best painting-makings currently exhibiting) into cold, lifeless stone forever goes to Peter Makebish. His craft in curating a vibe, turning up the music, creating poetry and dashing hopes and hearts is so honed and precise, I named this award after him.

Congrats, mon frère Pierre.

katherine sandoz portrait of peter makebish at  untitled art fair , miami, florida, december 2015

katherine sandoz portrait of peter makebish at untitled art fair, miami, florida, december 2015

naughty or nice?

This year, for those deserving, I'm recommending paintings - always.  I'm also suggesting works on paper as they are often a very unique and unusual offering of the artist's process and presentation.  They travel light, safely and cheaply.  Last, cost of this work tends to come in slightly lower than those on more substantial substrates.  

I have a number of smaller works on paper available on SANDOZIA.  You may consider some mid to large scale works through the Spalding Nix Fine Art shop on 1st dibs. I also have some very large works (8 feet plus) at the studio. If you wish to inquire about these, please call or email me.

For the naughty set: coal. It's a traditional and classic way to communicate the required message.  For 2015, artist made stockings in paper, fabric or upcycled materials are de rigueur. Maybe you are just the artist?

(color fields) water's edge, 8' x 12', water-based media on paper, 2015

(color fields) water's edge, 8' x 12', water-based media on paper, 2015

willie nelson

I return to draw Willie Nelson's face one more time.  I'm late to this as his 82nd birthday fell on April 29th. When I go online to check dates and facts, there are reports of his death.  But it's a hoax and this is a "normal" thing; it happens often.  What?

willie nelson at 82

willie nelson at 82