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saaabmb15 | peter makebish

The paintings of Paul Kremer and Les Rogers dare you, "C'mere! Come here!" They say, "Hey, girl! Wanna listen to some music, hear some poetry, let the sun beat down on your head, shake your hair, your haunches? Care to think about heartbeats, the power of color and shape-making, mind and space shifting in a secret, through-all-the-ages-and-time-but-it's-ON-now language?"

Not so fast, sister. The award for excellence in transforming live, genuinely engaged human beings (who can be plied with greetings, information and the promise of owning the most-best painting-makings currently exhibiting) into cold, lifeless stone forever goes to Peter Makebish. His craft in curating a vibe, turning up the music, creating poetry and dashing hopes and hearts is so honed and precise, I named this award after him.

Congrats, mon frère Pierre.

katherine sandoz portrait of peter makebish at  untitled art fair , miami, florida, december 2015

katherine sandoz portrait of peter makebish at untitled art fair, miami, florida, december 2015

612 x 912

Starting tomorrow, SixTwelve of Oklahoma City hosts me as an instructor, artist-in-residence and consultant on programming and facilities and operations development for their artist residency program.

The community center offers camps focussing on creativity and sustainability. The center's residency exchange program brings one artist from Oklahoma City to Savannah and one from Savannah to Oklahoma.  I'm thrilled and honored to participate.

with artist  Denise Duong  of OKC, photo by Amy Young

with artist Denise Duong of OKC, photo by Amy Young

During the first "Art Walk" week, I will instruct in color theory, formalism and creating works using repurposed fibers-based materials. Campers exhibit their pieces Friday, June 5th.

The second week, "Garden Camp", community members of any age are invited to workshop with me while I create fibers works featuring Oklahoma flora to be displayed at the end of camp week vernissage on June 12.

SixTwelve's onion beds, source: @612Okc

SixTwelve's onion beds, source: @612Okc

During these sessions, I will discuss contemporary arts and arts business issues, developing course content and anything else that the group wishes to discuss.  If anyone wishes to studio assist/intern this week, please contact me using this site. If you wish to join as a "student", there are two or three sessions each day: 9-12, 1-3 and 4-6 (except for Friday, June 12).  Please contact me or SixTwelve if you have questions.


mlk jr day 2015

Every year, I draw a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I try to do this with one or both of my children and we talk about his dreams and then ours.  

Today, I feel as I often do, that maybe I shouldn't dare or try to dream because I am not educated enough about politics, or how the world works.  I am too idealistic.  My ideals carry no weight. Maybe I am too liberal or too conservative so I don't deserve to work toward making my dreams come true.  Maybe my dreams will be judged because I have or am too much or too little.   But that's not quite right, and I wouldn't want any child in the world to feel this way.

Regardless, as with every single day since I-can't-remember-when, I have this thought whether recalling King's legacy or not: 

My stone of hope for this nation and especially for red hills Georgians is that we might rise up (seriously! RISE UP!) and fix these durn schools.

I might go on about the things and events Americans will "rise up" for and I'd hazard that's not right either. If the schools don't work very, very well, I can not see a future of freedom for children or for us. And that is a heartache that haunts my dream.

kds + hambone, prismacolor and graphite, this morning