wall painting time-lapse video

While greatly delayed, I'm pleased to post the time-lapse video of the making of the Broderick, Dusek & DeLeon Orthodontics wall painting. This lively and loving practice space was recently redesigned by multi-disciplinary artist Wendy Martin. She suggested that a large scale painted wall become a part of the office visit experience.  

I am thankful to Wendy,  the leadership at BDDO and to the generous and kind staff who run the office. Jamie Bourgeois, my studio assistant, adds fun and excellent work to every set (if you like that sort of thing).

I'm pleased to feature originally composed music by Ian Spence, a SCAD MFA graduate in Sound Design and an amazing artist and teacher.

This painting of the low-country marsh represents the landscape that is a part of our daily backdrop. It also stands witness to the intricate webs of relationships, conversations, events, and milestones that our community shares each day. This time-lapse captures a small fraction of that activity.

With that, a toast to healthy teeth and beautiful surroundings!