sweet and vicious

Libbie Summers‘ new book “Sweet & Vicious” with photographs by Chia Chong launched March 25th.  This rich chef-d’oeuvre offers recipes, writing and just-right ridiculousness on every page.  And you may delight in the the styling and photographs, of course.

As one of several Savannah creatives who contributed to the production, I designed and printed these Napoleon Bonaparte baguette sleeves to my great amusement. Before becoming an artist (term used loosely), long ago, one of my favorite doodles – Monsieur Bonaparte.  Loved everything about him as a teen and young adult;  his sculpted profile, his filth, rogue-like behavior, stick-to-it-ness, his bigger-than-life-little self.  I mean, French with a Corsican accent? The military prowess? Even the egomania – fine with me.   He was and is completely sweet and vicious (and instructionally sound) at once!

photo source: jade and matthew take pictures at www.jadeandmatthew.com


alexander wang window installation

Courtland Smith Stevens, co-owner of Number Four Eleven, and I have recently collaborated to create window decals that honor and celebrate SCADstyle, spring in our fair city and Alexander Wang‘s visit to the college.

photo source: styleisnecessity.com

To create the plant-like forms, we turned a representation of Wang’s infamous locks upside down.  His eyes become the blossoms that look out onto Savannah’s design district.  Purple-pink flowers in the window boxes echo the powder pastel lavender of the decals that flirt with the reflected sky and architecture at Whitaker Street.

Savannahians have their eyes trained on spring and SCADstyle.  The world has theirs locked on Alexander Wang as he heads Balenciaga and just two days ago announced his partner collection with H&M.

Our gratitude to SCAD for bringing such luminaries and lectures that delight and inspire each year.  Thanks also to Kay Wolfersperger who, with prescience and precision, prepared our files for Chris Maddox who expertly printed, prepared and installed the vinyl.   Stop by 411 Whitaker Street and enjoy this public minded, collaborative art!  And then a few blocks north, Wang’s talk with Domenico de Sole at Trustee’s Theatre tonight at 6 p.m.

eddie borgo and kate lanphear

Kate Lanphear and Eddie Borgo gave an exquisite inaugural SCADstyle talk today at the SCAD Museum of Art.  They offered some beautiful mandates for students and creatives with considerations on research, design, branding, the creative process, using social media and living within the exciting and face-paced environment in which we find ourselves.

Maybe I should slow down as well.  The drawing of Mr. Borgo should be a closer reflection of his likeness, his disposition and the poetry of his language.

eddie borgo & georgia budding trees, mixed media on index

For Ms. Lanphear, she deserves even more minimalism and elegance of line quality.

kate lanphear, prismacolor on index


scadstyle: stefan sagmeister

On the first night of this year’s SCADstyle, Stefan Sagmeister will speak on design and happiness.  If you’ve not had a dose of this graphic designer, typographer, artist, thinker, lecturer, you can catch his TED talk here.

Otherwise, see you tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at Trustee’s Theatre on Broughton Street.

after "art grandeur nature" by stefan sagmeister's 2004 works

This work made from spanish moss, jasmine, muscadine and crape myrtle today.

SCADpad micro-homes reveal

Those contributing to the much anticipated SCADpads joined the Savannah, Atlanta communities as well as a bloc of nationals at SCAD Atlanta on April 11th as the last day’s light streamed across the parking deck.  The SCAD community – students, staff, faculty, administration and alumni – presented a year’s collaboration in the form of three 135 square foot fully outfitted micro-residences.  Visitors donned kraft paper booties and clambered into the small scale/big idea dwellings.

Units - American, Asia and Europe inspired – mirror many of the aesthetics of SCAD’s campus locations and fill one parking space each atop the university’s main building. The project also features community gardens, outdoor green/meditative spaces and a host of interactive services relating to the denizens’ daily activities and the domiciles’ functions.

Working alongside many, many artists I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and contributing with the last two decades (gratitude to SCAD!), I contributed to the American pad’s bathroom to include wall and ceiling treatments, a turtle shell inlaid mirror and shelf,  a series of hand-dyed, hand-pieced and stitched organic cotton towels as well as a number of accessories.  I also painted a sofa/day bed/mattress that sits in the living/sleep area.  All elements reflect upon our American landscape with a focus on land meeting water and the use of found materials from the same. The grandness of American skies and waterways envelops the resident even while he or she lives minimally on a far more diminutive scale.

Designers and builders regardless of discipline explored and focused on innovation, intellectualism and superior craftsmanship and execution in all areas of the micro-housing community compound.

A number of visitation sessions have been scheduled throughout the coming weeks.

photo via fastcompany.com

Link to fastcompany article here.

crape myrtle folk & lore

Some of the neighbors collect crape myrtle prunings the over-trimmers have felled and left for pick-up by the city workers.  They drop the wood near the folly I have erected and am now weaving in the back yard.  Others stop by to tell me I am a crape murderer.  I’ve done some (aggressive) selective trimming on two trees on the property.

The thing is, my crape myrtles aren’t nearly dead.  Furthermore, I’ve got sixty liners in the dirt right this minute.  It’s a mitigation site? Regardless, I expect I’ll be called the Cruella De Vil of crape myrtles soon enough.

hodgson memorial drive take, crape myrtle, today

flannery o’connor 89th birthday parade

The Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home’s 2nd annual FOC birthday parade and square festival took place on a perfect spring Sunday on Lafayette Square.  Thanks to the home and to one of its especially amazing coordinators –  Christine Sajecki.  The event proved as quirky as Flanny and Savannah – and was beautiful and fun.

You’re Welcome Savannah captured quite a few of the characters.

And Savannah Morning News’ Katie Martin documented three Flannery impersonators (Kathleen Fritz, Jane Fishman, myself) taking a selfie.  Unlikely, right?

photo by katie martin for Savannah Morning News

*Paper and vinyl crowns by Katherine Sandoz with studio assistants Benazir Torres and Melissa Hagerty made with support from the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home.



frauen helfen frauen

I am pleased and honored to be exhibiting for the second year at Frauen helfen Frauen (women helping women) in Stuttgart at tonight’s annual art auction.  Many thanks to artist, musician, curator and coordinator extraordinaire Nina Bullock-Lutz.

Check out all the works here.

Greetings to all the visiting states people and dignitaries.  Wishing all a successful event and lovely evening.

(turtle island) low tide, 12" x 12", wbm on panel, 2013