bastille day visuals

J’adore French Revolutionary history.  Nothing quite like dirty, hungry peasants, a plague-ridden, dank prison and powdered and wigged, entitled, out-of-touch noblesses-obligés.   At the impressionable age of eight, I heard the sound of Marie Antoinette‘s neck* meeting the guillotine:  smells like baguettes baking.

In my French dreams, I’d be celebrating Bastille Day in Lacoste. In honor of both event and place, I’ve made bookends from bricks (good for storming prisons) and works on paper (“Wrap your rocks with fine art,” she said.  She actually did not say, “Let them eat cake.”

Some say the blue in the French flag stands in for “the people” who should always come first.  The white represents the church and red, the nobility, comes last.  Other resources suggest varying meanings for each of the colors.

Qui sait?  Ce n’est pas important parce que nous sommes tous français aujourd’hui.

bastille day bookends, bricks, painted works on paper, 2010-2014

*Marie didn’t get the guillotine until four years after the coup.  Don’t let the truth get in the way of my father’s story-telling.






painting on pvc

I’ve doctored up my first attempt at painting on PVC sheeting from earlier in the year. I’ve cut the original test patch into nine pieces and I’ve added a good deal of paint. Reference includes images from Pine Island and from field studies of Vernonburg and Keystone.

scadpad test no. 1, 7" x 8", water-based media on pvc panel, 2014

scadpad on the today show

This segment aired June 28th on The Today Show and features the SCADpads with a wonderful interview with SCAD student Lynda Spratley (among others). You can also see the bathroom’s landscape painting and accessories I created for the North American SCADpad.

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cohen’s retreat multi-media workshop

July 15 – July 17, I’ll be leading a multi-media, fibers-based workshop at Cohen’s Retreat.  Class times are 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Take an treasured item – a necktie, a christening dress, a favorite pair of jeans, your grandfather’s pencil collection – and turn it into a framed work of art. Bring your items and get to making!

To sign up, contact Cohen’s Retreat, 912-355-3336, 5715 Skidaway Avenue, Savannah, GA 31406

(cost for the three days of instruction: $180.00)

Here are some examples with descriptions.  Each tells a story or acts as a reminder of a particular event or events.  What story will you tell?

pine forest, bowties, ties, vintage jeans, thread, 2013-2014

(leatherscapes) green island sound, repurposed leather scraps, 2013

hawker airplane, airline napkins, bronze thread, 2013

sea urchins, unpaired socks, thread waste, embroidery thread, 2013