westobou festival art exhibit

I’m pleased to be included in the Westobou Festival exhibition CURRENTS curated by Susan Laney of Laney Contemporary.  All SCAD graduates, the artists’ works will fill in the interior and exterior of the old Academy of Richmond County building.  The Augusta, Georgia cultural festival offers events in film, dance, music, visual arts, theatre as well as a sponsored “Color Run”, lecture series and free ferris wheel rides.  An artist panel takes place on October 3rd at 3 p.m.  A reception for the exhibit begins the same day at 5 p.m. following by a concert with Amos Lee and others..

“Exploring themes of movement and place, visual artists katherine sandoz, Will Penny, Marcus Kenney, Tobia Makover, Melinda Borysevicz, Elizabeth Winnel and Michael Porten interpret and create through a variety of media and disciplines. The exhibition will include works that integrate different media, from figurative painting and sculpture to encaustic photographs to site-specific installations that include projection mapping and video.”

October 1 – October 5th at the old Academy of Richmond County in Augusta, Georgia.

October 3rd  Artist panel and reception beginning at 3 p.m

elizabeth winnel: read her lips

ArtInfo recently posted an article and slide show featuring painter and multi-disciplinary artist Elizabeth Winnel.  She discusses the conceptual underpinning and making of her series of “lips” as well as her involvement in the Laney Contemporary curated exhibit CURRENTS to take place at the Westobou Festival next week.

Winnel’s work on ArtInfo quickly went viral on their North American site.  The combination of her lush paintscapes and her no-nonsense discussion of her work leaves her name on everyone’s lips!

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Winnel


katherine sandoz for fornarina

This week during Milan Fashion Week, the Italian designer brand Fornarina features their “perfect shape” denim line at Coin on the  Piazza v. Giornate.  Fornarina perennially collaborates with visual artists for their fabrics and various events and installations.  My work is the latest to be installed.  I’m super thankful for the amazing staff at Fornarina (led by Catarina Aimone and Marco Bragaglia) who coordinated this project.

If you are in Milan, please stop in the street and take a photo!

image courtesy of Fornarina

wesley verhoeve

Everybody talks about Wesley Verhoeve and his way with the babies.  Well, he had his way with my entire family the other day.  He swiftly took Horace at “sir”.  Hambone, decidedly off the nipple and years out of diapers, called him “family” within an hour.  Even I, loathe to be anywhere but behind the camera, felt somewhat akin to these wee ones to whom Wesley is whisperer.

A traveling man who “dreams of the south”, he graciously and enthusiastically participated in every activity we offered. This included an unplanned “family” bloodletting on a barnacle encrusted dock ladder post river swim.

Best part?  Verhoeve truly does make “beautiful things” and writes assiduously about our people, place and time.

Check out his plan to charm the rest of the country.

wesley verhoeve, lane huerta, savannah, september 2014

Lane Huerta, principal and creative mastermind at lovelane designs.   Don’t miss Hambone’s sweet face on her great-looking site!

upcoming events

I’m super pleased to be showing at the following two events in my favorite state and original colony – Georgia!

Westobou Festival, Augusta, October 1 – 5, 2014.  I heard that Amos Lee feels he is super psyched to be working an event along with so many talented and hard-working SCAD-trained artists.

Susan Laney of Laney Contemporary curates this exhibition housed in the old Academy of Richmond County.  The south’s first high school of its kind and the fifth in the country, this stunner of a piece of architecture and history put me in a full swoon sight unseen. Sealed deal upon entry.  I will be showing paintings, fibers works and install a mixed media botanical piece.

The panel and reception for the visuals happens on October 3rd.  Amos plays after us.

And straight into the second week of October…

“tahoe hybrids” travels to SCAD Atlanta, October 6-December 19, 2014, reception and location TBD.


anything you can do

Is it true that boys are better at art?  You’d think so if you visited the big galleries in the world, canvassed the major art news articles, visited the big fairs.  Curators?  Lotta dudes.

What’s up with this? Women make quality art. Some men make shoddy work and succeed none-the-less (free shipping on this one, whoa!). Obviously the art world does not exist as a meritocracy.  However!

If you live in the Brooklyn area, you can think long and hard about this subject on September 28th, 2014.  Wish I were attending.  Organized by Arts in Bushwick, the panel is coordinated by “spare time curator” Sessa Eng Lund and moderated by conceptual artist and public practioner Chloë Bass.  Wish I could attend.

(crape myrtle) monoazo yellow, 10" x 10", water-based media on pvc panel, 2014


large scale work in progress

I’m painting a new 10′ x 10′ on fortifiber for the upcoming Westobou Festival.  Love this substrate (so far) and my new 10′ x 20′ “easel”.

When I asked for it to be double-sided and on wheels he said “no” and wants to know, “Who even has a 10′ x 20′ custom easel?” I tell him lots of people. Like every painter in Miami and every other one in Brooklyn. Definitely all the French ones. He doesn’t believe me.

I point out that I feel really great about my large though one-sided and stationary easel. I even feel good about the no heating or cooling in the barn.  I love seeing the field and the changing sky throughout the day and night.  I love all the space and the caterer’s table on which the children homework and play.    But I want to know, “What painters have donkeys, horses and hillbillies running through their studio on a daily basis?”

wip for westobou art festival, 10' x 10', water-based media on fortifiber, 2014