office hours

Dr. Key tackles the fable and football this month for the Oxford American blog “Big Chief Tablet“.

To develop an illustration for these brave and breve new works, I’ve reached far back to the 1970s when life was simpler – especially for men in power.  I guess it was easier for women in some ways.  For one thing, there wasn’t as much time spent on ladyscaping.  I know this because the 70s was also the era of my first studies of illustrations found in a box in a hay loft in northern New Hampshire. I “read the articles” as well, but the late 1960s Erich Sokol illustrations impressed; who knew Santa had time to bed hop on his rounds?

For the pieceThe Possum and the Professor“, our professor, I developed as the hybrid of all naughty college instructors, a few neighbors, late 1970 – to early 1990s celebrities and even some of our own family members. By our, I mean I’ve looked at some of Harrison’s family pics and the mustached, fast men of my own family require no printed reminders.   Additionally, I remain a Sutherland/Selleck fan knowing nothing of their behavior throughout the past four decades.  Last?  Sara, smile, uncay?

"after erich sokol," 9"x8", mixed media on somerset, 2014

Speaking of four decades and those with that much life experience, the good Doctor Harrison Scott Key, he’s acquired a new square space. I like it because it’s another place on the internet (beyond the Big Chief Tablet) where one can marvel –  in the way of gaping in the presence of meteorological phenomena – at the Key universe.

I barely noticed that he’s obliterated my illustrative depiction of his home town middle school mates with his professional accolades.

harrison's bio page, 2014

These literary feats will continue to reach mammoth proportions when Harper Collins publishes Key’s big book about a large man (coming out in May 2015) which will be (naturally) epic.

You can make the next few months of your life more relevant and satisfactory by pre-ordering now.

sandoz service brewing inaugural illustrator

It’s official!  I have been chosen as the first illustrator for this year’s Service Brewing seasonal beers.  This works out nicely because 1) I illustrate conceptually 2) beer bottles need nifty labels and 3) i’m a former service member.  This dovetails with the brew team’s mission statement.

The best part is that Service Brewing’s marketing and creative director, Meredith Sutton, supports good creative and good creatives!

left: rally point right: teufel hunden


If you haven’t visited the amazing facility at Indian Street, here is their tour & tasting schedule.


“tahoe hybrids” travels to atlanta

SCAD Atlanta now hosts “tahoe hybrids” through January 23rd, 2015 in its beautiful Gallery See.  This exhibit space boasts spacious, super shiny floors (personal favorite in a gallery) in which to enjoy my largest, non-public work to date.

(lake tahoe) sand harbor at gallery see

photo by labeeb abdullah

barn shoot

In August, I transformed my studio space, a barn, into a living space.  Each stable holds a room where you will find paintings and objects I have created.  In the main hall in the barn, additional nooks have been added.  I used the seasons as a loose framework for the color and textures employed while I looked to all four “corners” of the United States for stylistic inspiration.

All photos by Keith Morgan.

summer dining room, 2014

summer kitchen, 2014

More of this photo shoot here.





mayor edna jackson

Is Savannah the only town in America the world where one of its citizens can make a conceptual (& respectful) portrait of the mayor (Edna Branch Jackson), ask her to get with a program that began 100 years ago and absolutely no one says a word spoken, written or “shared”.

Here is the featured article replete with said plea to our leadership in the March/April issue of Savannah Magazine.



mayor edna jackson as art AND commerce, mixed media on somerset, 2014

muralcle at 34th & habersham razed

Savannah citizen’s collected pieces of the now razed and removed wall formerly curated by SeeSAW at 34th and Habersham.

october 16th at 34th and habersham

Read more from Jessica Leigh Lebos of Connect Savannah regarding the removal of this Thomas Square edifice here.

jessica leigh lebos for connect savannah